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Order number: 9512

Match box 55x35x9mm Content approx. 20-24 sticks

Print colours:
Match head colour:
Stick colour:
Product information "Match box 55x35x9mm Content approx. 20-24 sticks"
Individually printable according to pantone or euroscale.
Outside UV varnish.
Natural sticks.Heads in 14 colours.
Minimum quantity: 2.500 boxes.
Time of delivery: approx. 5-6 weeks after good to print.
100 boxes per caddy
2.500 boxes per carton

Printing datas according to our specifications and sketches or made by KM at net cost.

UN 1944 SICHERHEITSZÜNDHÖLZER, begrenzte Menge nach Kap. 3.4 ADR LQ (E)
UN 1944 SAFETY MATCHES, limited quantity Kap. 3.4 ADR LQ (E)
UN 1944 seguridad cerillas, finita cantidad para Kap. 3.4 ADR LQ (E)
UN 1944 sécurité allumette, restreinte volume de Kap. 3.4 ADR LQ (E)

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